Sleep Lab

A sleep study is designed to detect abnormalities during sleep. Often, during sleep, the body functions act differently than while awake. The most common sleep problem is a breathing disorder called Obstructive Sleep Apnea. With this disorder, the airway (breathing passageway) is partially or fully closed, making it difficult for air to get into or out of the lungs when breathing during sleep. Common symptoms are snoring, restless sleep and feeling tired during the day.

Do you get quality sleep?

A Sleep Study (PSG-Polysomnogram) is an important step, because poor sleep can cause a number of health-related problems. You may be experiencing trouble falling or staying asleep at night or staying awake during normal daytime activities. When you do not get quality sleep, it is harder to concentrate, stay awake and function during normal daytime activities. You can be assured that your healthcare provider and Lake Health District Sleep Lab staff will work together to help you achieve premium sleep.

Do you get drowsy?

____ Sitting and reading
____ Watching TV
____ At a public place like a theater or meeting
____ While passenger in a car riding for 1 hour
____ Lying down in the afternoon
____ Sitting and talking to someone
____ Sitting down after lunch
____ While driving a car & stopped at a light

Never= 0 Occasionally=1 Often=2 Usually=3

Important Information about your Sleep Study

Study covered by most insurance
Small sensors used
Completely painless
Just bring comfortable pajamas!
Results back in about two weeks