Home Health Triathlon

Home Health provides a variety of clinical services for home bound patients during an illness or after surgery. Home Health care is short term, for all ages and must have a doctor's referral.

Home Health's goal is to move the patient back to an independent life and to enhance the patient's quality of life.

Home Health Care provides an alternative to extended hospitalization.
Recovery is often speedier and more complete in the home environment.
The patient is often happier and more comfortable in their own home.
It is usually less costly than other alternatives.

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Please visit our Home Health page to learn more about our services and its benefits.
Hospice is the "something more" that can be done for patients, and families when illness can not be cured.

Hospice uses a team approach consisting of people with many different skills, working together to plan and coordinate care.

Lakeview Home Health & Hospice believes that Hospice is specialized care designed for patients and their families to assist with and provide support during the final stages of a terminal illness, death, and bereavement period. Hospice care seeks to improve the quality of life through the coordinated efforts of professionals and volunteers. Hospice works with the patient and their family to meet their physical, emotional, social, and spiritual needs; to increase their ability to cope and control and to die with dignity.

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Please visit our Hospice page to learn more about our services and its benefits.

Home Health Triathlon

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