Critical Access Hospital Case Review Program

The Critical Access Hospital Case Review Program (CAHCR) offered by Lake Health District (LHD) is a unique program that provides opportunity for case reviews among hospitals in
rural Oregon. The physicians of like specialties from the participating Critical Access Hospitals review cases to promote improved patient safety and quality of care.
The program assists the participating hospitals in meeting regulatory, and compliance standards put forth by CMS. Current Medicare Conditions of Participation (CoP), as defined in 42 CFR 485.641 - Periodic Evaluation and Quality Assurance Review, require Critical Access Hospitals (CAH) make an agreement with a network hospital for peer review services.

Peer review services are offered in the following areas:

Emergency medicine
Family Practice/ER
Family Practice/OB
General Family Practice
General Surgery
Internal Medicine
Orthopedic Surgery

For more information about the program, please contact the CAH Case Review Program Manager Gauri Pande at (541) 947-2114 ext. 192

Case Review Manual

Case Review Report For Cause Review

Case Review Report Routine Review

Case Review Flow - Reviewing Site

Case Review Flow - Requesting

Case Review - Tutorial

Confidentiality Agreement